18 Fabulous Ways to Add Face-Framing Layers on Straight Hair 


Having long straight hair doesn’t mean you have to settle for flat and boring hairstyles. With just the addition of face-framing layers to your straight hair, you can easily add movement and breathe life into your hair.

In addition to bounce and volume, the right layering can create subtle changes in your facial appearance without any drastic changes to your hairstyle. With that said, continue reading to explore some of the best face-framing layered hairstyle ideas for straight hair.

Try These Face-Framing Layers on Straight Hair

Face-framing layers will give you the spotlight drawing all eyes to you. Before you think it’s just another trend, this is a timeless trick that brings out the best in your features. Check out the various ways you can style face-framing layers on your straight hair.

1. Blonde Razored Layers + Shadow Rooting

face framing razored layers on straight hair

For softer facial features, opt for layered hair with wispy ends. You can get this look by asking your hairstylist to use a straight-edge blade in creating your layers. The result is a choppy look with a romantic, feminine touch.

2. Brunette Choppy Layers + Curtain Bangs

face framing layers on straight brunette hair

If you aim to create thicker hair strands, choppy layers are the way to go. Not only that, but it also creates eye-catching tips with an edgy twist. You can also add curtain bangs to create the illusion of slimmer cheeks and a more elongated jawline. 

3. Brown and Blonde Straight Layers + Clipped Back Bangs

straight half up hair with face framing layers

For a hip and chic look, opt for this simple straight layered hair. It differs from other hairstyles because it’s comprised of visible short and long layers, which makes the top portion fuller and thicker. 

The clipper back bangs are a stylish way to keep the shortest layers away from your face. 

4. Pink Braided Pigtails + Orange Layered Bangs

straight face framing layers with pigtails

This look proves that you can achieve a fun and quirky hairstyle, even with straight hair. Unleash your inner child with bright colors and braided pigtails. Finish it with attention-grabbing bangs that perfectly frame the face and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. 

5. Brown Low Bun + Blonde Highlights + Long Side-swept Bangs 

straight face framing layers with highlights

This low bun is the perfect hairstyle if you want to give that “woke up like this look”. The loose strands and messy bun is effortlessly chic. The entire look is elevated with the highlighted swooping fringe. 

6. Platinum Flipped Layers

face framing layers on straight grey hair

There’s no easier way to add volume and body to your hair than by flipping its ends. You can achieve this life-changing tweak using hair rollers. However, using a rounded electric brush is highly recommended if you want to style it fast and easy. 

7. Relaxed Layers + Side Bangs

face framing layers on relaxed straight hair

If you find your newly relaxed hair to be too straight and flat, this layered hairstyle is the one to try. It has graduated layers, so it’s easy to style and manage. Adding straight bangs can help conceal big cheeks, so it’s perfect for round faces. 

8. Auburn Straight Layers + Side Part

straight auburn hair with face framing layers

A side parting is a foolproof way to give your straight hair a volume boost. If you have a cowlick, follow it when parting your hair to the side. Doing won’t just help you conceal your cowlick, but it will also give your straight hair extra oomph. 

9. Blonde Piecey Layers + Barely There Bangs

face framing layers on long straight hair

These piecey layers are the best option if you want to add movement to your hair minus the thickness. Style the layers with a dry finishing spray to keep each layer emphasized and separated. Add a barely there fringe if you want to conceal your forehead in the subtlest way possible. 

10. Beige Blonde Inward Layers 

face framing layers on medium straight hair

Yes, you can look sleek and polished even with if you have lots of face-framing layers on short hair. The key is to style the layers in the same direction. Styling them inwards creates the perfect face-framing layers because the strands follow your facial structure. 

11. Side-swept Brown Chunky Layers

straight face framing layered hair with glasses

For boosting volume, chunky layers are your best bets. These layers have thicker ends, contributing to the hair’s thickness. The ends’ thickness also makes each layer visible and promotes hair texture as well. 

12. Flipped Ends + Eyebrow-skimming Bangs

face framing layers on Asian straight hair

Transform your straight layers to fun and flirty ones using a straightening iron with curved sides. All you need to do is flip the layers inwards, and you can get this ultra-feminine look in just a few minutes. Pair it with eyebrow-skimming bangs that will draw attention to your beautiful eyes while softening your features at the same time. 

13. Blonde Pointy Layers + Long Sweeping Fringe

blonde straight hair with face framing layers

Face-framing layers on straight hair don’t have to be messy or wavy. If you want to keep your look simple and sweet, opt for these pointy layers, which give off a polished appearance with an edgy appeal. The slight curves of the long sweeping fringe soften the straight layers and give it a romantic look.

14. Flipped Out Layers + Thick Side Bangs

face framing layers on straight bob

For face-framing layers on straight hair that stand out, opt for ones that are flipped out. Instead of the 60s harsh flipped layers, opt for these subtle and whimsical ones that go well with the thick side bangs. You can easily achieve these layers by using an electric roller brush. 

15. Moneypiece Highlight + Full Bangs Brushed to the Side

face framing layers on straight hair with bangs

These side-brushed full bangs give you blunt bangs’ full coverage and side-swept bangs’ flirty appeal. Add in a money piece highlight to make it stand out even more. This face-framing highlight is also a great way to brighten your complexion instantly. 

16. Ash Blonde Textured Layers + Side Bangs

ash blonde straight hair with face framing layers

Textured layers are thicker strands of hair with thin and wispy ends, so the layers are as visible as chunky layers minus the unwanted weight and volume. Pair it with straight side bangs instead of curtain bangs if you want to maintain its simplicity. 

17. Ginger Reverse Layers + Choppy Baby Bangs

face framing layers on straight ginger hair

For a carefree and more bouncy look, opt for reverse layers. This hairstyle contains some layers that are curled inwards and some that are flipped out, delivering a more dynamic look. Finish it off with choppy baby bangs for a feisty touch. 

18. Middle-parted Layered Hair

face framing layers on fine straight hair

For women with oblong and diamond face shapes, a middle parting will suit you best. That’s because this type of parting will complement your face’s symmetry and accentuate your facial structures. 

Face-framing layers on straight hair are a game changer. When styled right, these layers can accentuate your features, draw attention to your best assets, and give your hairstyle the desired glow-up.