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Here is our MEFA gel polish review of one of their 20+3 gel polish sets called Love Letters.

If you’re a gel polish enthusiast, then this is the review for you! We dug deep into the MEFA gel polish set so you can see exactly what this set looks like before purchasing.

mefa gel polish

You will see every color in this gel polish set. MEFA gel polish has gained immense popularity among nail enthusiasts due to its versatility and long-lasting qualities.

Remember, with gel polish, a cure lamp is required. We have a helpful article on how to choose the best cure lamps for gel polish.

20 Colors In This Gel Set

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Included are 20 colors, ranging from bright and cheery to moody and daring. No matter your style, you can create many beautiful manicures with these colors. 

With high pigmentation that applies smoothly and cures quickly, this gel polish will go on opaque in two coats.

mefa gel polish review

Apply The Gel Polish In Thin Coats

Using MEFA gel polish in thin coats is essential to achieving a long-lasting and beautiful result.

Applying too much product at once may cause bubbling, dragging or a patchy finish, leaving your nails looking uneven.

But by using this gel polish in thinner coats you can apply the product evenly onto all your nails, giving them an even coat of vibrant color.

This lets the polish effectively adhere to your natural nails, making it last weeks without any chipping.

Swatching The Colors Is Helpful

Here are the colors in this set. When you get in sets like these, it’s a great idea to swatch them onto a cardstock paper so you can see at a glance what the colors look like.

We also have a printable swatching sheet here.

mefa gel polish review

Base, Matte & Glossy Top Coat Included

The set includes a base coat to ensure the longest lasting gel manicure, a matte top coat for a sublimely soft finish and a glossy top coat for the perfect shine.

With a matte top coat and a glossy, this means that with this set of 20 polishes you can get two times the look if you are going for a matte look.

You can mix and match different finishes to really make certain nails stand out.

mefa gel polish review

Instructions Are In The Package

To get started, make sure you read all the instructions included in your gel polish box. Doing so will provide you with the information necessary on how to properly use gel polishes and their tools, as well as safety precautions you should consider throughout the process.

Learning the basics first is always a great idea in order to prevent any mishaps or messes while investing in gel manicures at home.

Making sure that you have a good understanding of gel polish before starting your first application will definitely make your experience much more enjoyable and successful.

mega gel polish instructions

Favorite Colors In This Set

This set comes with many fantastic colors but the ones that really stood out to use were the gold, pinks and jelly yellow.

Our two favorite colors in this collection was the silver and gold. Both of these colors are a fantastic choice not only for full nail coverage, but to make accents that need glittery highlights.

Here is a closer look at the silver and gold gel polish that is included.

mefa gel polish in silver

mefa gel polish in gold

Great Value & Price Points

Visit MEFA Store On Amazon

As far as gel polish sets are concerned, the value from MEFA is incredible. It’s cost effective and new users will find it super easy to use.

MEFA has a range of price points from around $7 to over $50 depending what you need in a set and how many colors you are looking for.

This pricing is right in line with other gel polish kits so they are good value for the money.

mefa gel polish colors

In Conclusion:

Its ease of application, wide variety of colors, and shiny finish have made it a go-to choice for creating interesting manicure and pedicure looks. The durability of MEFA gel polish has good reviews as long as the nail is prepped properly.

Properly applied MEFA gel will hold up for weeks without the need for touch ups or reapplication. Gel polish provides a way to maintain gorgeous nails that last much longer than regular nail polish.

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