55 Fall Coloring Pages for a Fun, Autumn, Indoor Activity


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Have you found a recreational way to celebrate the coming of fall?

If not, then we recommend coloring.

Coloring isn’t just a way to kill time, and it also isn’t just for kids who want to play. Believe it or not, it has many therapeutic benefits that most of us need.

Coloring has been recommended by many experts as a way to de-stress. Regardless of age or gender, it can provide relaxation and peace of mind, just like meditation.

While there is not yet any definitive scientific evidence that coloring can alleviate the signs of stress and anxiety, many experiments have demonstrated positive results.

And since there’s no harm in trying, we suggest using coloring to relax and unwind.

In this article, we are happy to share with you 55 fall coloring pages that can help lighten your mood and relieve your stress this fall season.

Check them out and discover an exceptionally fun way to spend autumn indoors!

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1. Food Harvest

Food Harvest | fall coloring pages for adults pdf | fall coloring pages for 2nd graders

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Are you a food lover? If so, then this coloring sheet is an excellent option for you. It could make a perfect, unique gift card for Thanksgiving.

2. Autumn is Love

Autumn is Love | fall coloring pages for toddlers | fall coloring pages pdf

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Here is another design that involves the word “autumn.” It gets straight to the point, and is a great option for fall coloring.

3. Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest | first day of fall coloring pages | fall coloring pages for adults

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Who doesn’t love dogs?! You are in for a treat with this cute design from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. The picture is perfect for dog lovers and apple lovers!

4. Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest | fall coloring pages to print out | fall coloring pages for adults pdf

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Here is another simple yet elegant coloring page for the food lover in you. You can also use it as a design for your Thanksgiving gift cards!

5. Autumn is Here!

Some people claim that autumn is their favorite season because it gives off a romantic vibe. Indeed, it provides a wonderful atmosphere that can make you feel love and devotion. Here is a coloring page that you can fill with bright colors to start the season.

6. Mr. Pumpkin Feeling Happy

This coloring page is appropriate for kids and elders. It is very easy to color, since it has big spaces. Moreover, the drawing is quite lively, so you can use many different colors.

7. Hello, Fall!

Greet the fall season with this simple, lovely coloring page from Doodle Art Alley. You can download it for free by clicking the link above.

8. Lying Down with the Leaves

Do you ever feel joy at the thought of lying down on the ground and letting autumn leaves fall on you? Here is a cute coloring sheet for kids and kids-at-heart. You can even color it online if you are more of a digital person.

9. Teens in Autumn

This page is fun for teens to color, and also teaches them a very important lesson—to be responsible and learn the value of cleaning.

10. Fall Leaves Pattern

This coloring page includes a simple drawing of autumn leaves falling. It is perfect for more sophisticated people who want to keep things neat and simple.

It is up to you what colors you want to use, but we suggest using the colors of fall, such as orange, yellow, and brown.

11. Fall Yard Scene

We find the artwork on this page to be beautiful and worthy of an afternoon of coloring. Imagine your backyard filled with leaves that complement the color of the setting sun. That would truly be a magnificent view.

12. Autumn Haunted House

This drawing is very detailed, and those who like challenges will love filling it in with colors. There are more lines than in other, simpler drawings, but it will look amazing once it’s finished.

13. Another Happy Mr. Pumpkin

Here we have another pumpkin design that is slightly more intricate. It is quite suitable for adults who want to de-stress and relax from their daily tasks and responsibilities.

14. Maple Leaf Design

The maple leaf is another symbol of fall. We chose this design because it looks like a mandala and we think it can help you feel more relaxed once you start coloring it.

15. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is celebrated during the fall season, so this design is a great addition to our list. You can print and color it, and even hang it on the wall. You can also print it on small cards and send it out to everyone you care about.

16. Fall Blessings

Here is another wonderful design from Deborah Muller on Etsy. It received a lot of five-star reviews from people who have colored it. You can purchase it as well and see for yourself how good it is.

17. Give Thanks!

This is another design from Deborah Muller, and is also another Thanksgiving coloring sheet. It has many of the symbols of fall and is lovely enough to send as a gift to everyone on Thanksgiving day.

18. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s another Thanksgiving template that is more detailed and intricate. It makes a great gift to your loved ones.

19. Autumn Harvest

The harvest season happens during fall, so many fall events and activities use harvesting as a theme. This design perfectly depicts the outdoors, and makes a great fall coloring page.

20. Autumn Leaves

This is a mandala-like design of autumn leaves from Alisa Burke. You can visit her page if you want to learn more about arts and crafts, or if you are looking for other coloring sheets to enjoy.

21. On the Farm

Here is another harvest-themed coloring template for those who love food and farms. It is detailed enough to be challenging, but it is also pretty easy to color for kids and elders. The family will surely love this design.

22. Happy Fall Y’all!

If you are looking forward to greeting your loved ones this coming fall, then a handmade card could be the perfect gift. Print as many as you need of this coloring sheet and experiment with all the colors you can imagine.

23. Pretty Pumpkin

This pumpkin with flowers has a very intricate design that is perfect for those who love challenges. While it is most appropriate for adults who want to relieve their stress, it is also great for kids and elders who like to try difficult pieces.

24. Leaves in the Forest

This design depicts what fall looks like in the forest. It might appear a bit difficult at first glance, but it is actually quite easy to color. Kids, adults, and even the elderly will surely have fun coloring it.

25. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Pumpkins are commonly associated with Thanksgiving and Halloween, which is why they are used to symbolize the coming of the fall season. This is a simple yet elegant design involving pumpkins, which you can download for free.

26. Sunflower Pumpkin Patch

This one may be a bit more difficult for young children and elderly people with poor eyesight, but it is perfect for adults who want to release some stress and tension. You can download it for free.

27. Autumn Leaves in Action

Autumn leaves falling is one of the most magnificent views you are likely to see. In preparation for what you will be seeing this fall, fill your heart with joy with these falling leaves using the colors of autumn!

28. Kids in Autumn

Here is another design for the kids in your family. Let the youngsters enjoy the fall season with their siblings and playmates. They can enjoy this coloring activity during snack time after playing with the leaves outside.

29. Pumpkins & Flowers

Here is another pumpkin design for the Halloween lover out there. It looks difficult at first glance, but is actually pretty easy to color since it has moderate lines and spacing. This coloring template is perfect for teens and elders.

30. Autumn is Calling

The leaves are falling, and that means autumn is calling. The fall season is near, so take this chance to welcome it with a warm heart.

Ask your family or friends to do some coloring with you. It is a great way to release the pent-up tension you have been carrying so you can welcome the season with a smile.

31. She’s Ready For Fall

This design from the Berry sisters on Etsy is so lovely that you might end up ordering more from them. The design comes in two versions (gray and traditional), so you have options on how to enjoy coloring it.

32. Harvest Season

This drawing has a very intricate design, which is perfect for those who are really into coloring as a recreational activity. Dive deep and get lost in the details as you color the day away.

33. Autumn Garden

Imagine having tea or coffee in the garden while staring at the falling leaves of autumn (and probably doing some coloring, too). That would be so refreshing!

34. Autumn in a Bottle

Finally, we have a very intricate, elegant design that will surely relieve your stress. It is from Shutterstock and comes in number of different variations. You can download it for free if you create an account, but your next download will have to be purchased.

35. Whimsical Tree

Dive into the essence of autumn with this intricate tree design. Perfect for adults, its detailed bark and bucket of fallen leaves capture the essence of the season, inviting you to bring it to life with color.

36. Last Leaf Standing

With its singular hanging leaf and twisted trunk, this capricious tree tells a tale of resilience. Simple in design but full of fun, complex branches, it entices colorists of all ages to celebrate that last hint of autumn’s glory.

37. Forest’s Edge

Doesn’t that humongous tree provide a scenic autumn vibe? Not to mention the majestic mountain looming in the background. The whole picture seems to be waiting for you to color it!

38. Enchanted Girl

Here’s an image of a young lady sitting amidst nature’s splendor. Surrounded by rustling trees and plump pumpkins, she is inviting you to paint her world with golden hues and autumnal wonder.

39. Autumn’s Home

Step into the tranquil vibes of this front yard, where nature sings with all the birds and leaves. Don’t you love the scene of an autumn-hued yard with a beautiful house in the background?

40. Pumpkin Delight

This mesmerizing, mandala-style pumpkin surrounded by a bounty of flowers and fruits will surely be a delight for those who want to destress and relax. It’s a perfect coloring page for those seeking a mindful escape.

41. Cozy Cabin Retreat

Nestled among barren trees, this cabin stands as a beacon of warmth and refuge. It is a simple design, enriched with numerous lines that add depth to its character. Can you imagine the comforting embrace of the cabin on a crisp autumn evening?

42. Fall’s Playful Moments

Amid the rustling of falling leaves, a boy takes on the task of raking, while a girl, with her hair dancing in the wind, observes from her perch on a fence post. This scene captures the playful essence of autumn days, where chores and relaxation blend into moments of childhood joy.

43. Whispers of Autumn Winds

This evocative close-up captures the final bow of a tree, having shed its last leaf.

The backdrop comes alive with leaves falling, while the swirls artistically signify the playful dance of the wind. It’s a poetic representation of nature’s transition, waiting for your splash of color.

44. Pumpkin Patch Magic

Step into the classic charm of this pumpkin patch with this straightforward coloring page. The artful lettering brings the scene to life, while the surrounding vines weave a tale of nature’s bounty. This design is your ticket to pumpkin-filled delight.

45. Mandala Leaf Mosaic

Embark on a meditative coloring journey with these beautifully designed mandala leaves. Ranging from large to petite, each leaf boasts intricate patterns, ready to be brought to life with color.

The swirls and shapes in the background add to the allure, making it a delightful canvas for relaxation and creativity.

46. Nature’s Mandala Circle

See the harmonious world of autumn through this unique mandala. Comprised of various types of leaves arranged in a captivating circular formation, this design beautifully melds nature’s organic beauty.

It’s an invitation to lose oneself in the intricate patterns and celebrate the diverse tapestry of fall.

47. Autumn Leaf Wreath

This wreath captures the beauty of fall in a circle of detailed leaves. It’s great for coloring enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge, or anyone needing a calm break. Dive in and unwind with the colors of the season.

48. Pile of Autumn

This close-up view of piled leaves provides the feel of a walk through crisp fall terrain. With the right shades and strokes, this page serves as a snapshot of a perfect autumn day.

49. Fall in Lettering

The word “FALL” pops beautifully, filled and framed with detailed leaves and flowers. This is a fun mix of nature’s beauty and creative lettering. Add your favorite autumn shades to make this piece truly stand out!

50. Acorn & Oak Delight

This packed pattern of acorn and oak leaves, decked out with unique mandala designs, is a joy to look at. It’s a full page of relaxing details, just waiting for your touch—a great pick for anyone looking to unwind and color away their stress.

51. Fall Mix Doodle

Jump into a playful mix of all your fall favorites with this doodle. From swirling winds and cozy umbrellas to plump pumpkins and tasty jam jars, it’s a fun collection of autumn’s best. Grab your colors and celebrate the season with every stroke!

52. Harvested Delights

This page brings together a detailed collection of fall’s juiciest fruits. Fresh from the harvest and waiting for your splash of color, they’re a tasty treat for any coloring enthusiast.

53. Mandala Leaf Magic

Zoomed in on a single leaf, this page boasts a gorgeous mandala design. Wrapped around with the heartwarming words live, laugh, love, it’s a reminder of the simple joys in life. Color it in and find a moment of peace amidst the busyness.

54. Acorns Awaiting

This page showcases acorns, snug on their branches, leaving plenty of space for personal touches. The open background is a canvas in itself, ready for your creativity.

Whether you add your own designs or fill it with a single soothing shade, it’s all set for your autumn coloring adventure.

55. Fall’s Warm Embrace

The word “fall” gracefully flows in cursive, nestled within a pumpkin. Surrounded by crisp autumn leaves and tiny acorns, this image captures the essence of the season. It’s a cozy scene, perfect for adding your touch and welcoming the warm hues of fall.

Final Thoughts on Fall Coloring Pages

Like the coloring pages we have shared in other articles, most of these sheets are free to download and print. They are also great for helping you relax and release tension.

We hope that this coloring page list will be of great help to you this fall season!

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