71 Positive Self-Talk Examples to Use on Yourself


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We all talk to ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not. And the words we use when we consciously or subconsciously talk to ourselves matter. It matters a lot. 

When you use positive self-talk, you reap a lot of benefits. Take my bestie Anja as an example. 

Anja has shared that during her morning routine, she looks at herself in the mirror so she can be aware of how she speaks to herself first thing in the morning.

It’s a habit she’s built, and she acknowledged that it helps set her up for success (and more positive self-talk during the day). 

Healthy self-talk also helps Anja practice self-love, self-compassion, and self-kindness. With positive self talk examples like “I messed up but I can learn from it,” “This looks challenging but I want to give it a go,” and “I tried my best.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll try again,” Anja has developed a healthy self-esteem, feels motivated, and thinks more positively. 

This can be you. What do you currently say to yourself in the morning?

Here’s everything you need to know about positive self-talk, how it benefits you, and even examples so you start practicing speaking healthy to yourself.    

What Is Positive Self-Talk? 

Positive self-talk is about having a healthy inner voice, internal dialogue, inner monologue, or internal narrative that’s influenced by your subconsciousness.

This reveals your beliefs, thoughts, and ideas and makes you feel good about yourself, others, and the world around you. You use positive statements or sentences to talk about yourself. 

When you use self-talk, it can be silently or out loud and at any point during your day. It’s like a running commentary or self-commentary in the background that you are not always 100% aware of, but it is always there. 

People generally engage in self-talk as a pep talk, when they are about to face a challenge or obstacle, or when they are looking for motivation or comfort. 

This communication with yourself can be negative, positive, or even overly positive (which is just as toxic as negative self-talk since it sets you up for failure). 

Positive self-talk should be healthy since it has such a significant impact on you and how you see yourself.

Healthy self-talk is about practicing self-compassion, accepting yourself as you are, and showing yourself the type of kindness you’d show a best friend.

The Importance of Positive Self-Talk and Dangers of Negative Self-Talk 

Positive self-talk has power, and negative self-talk is dangerous. But first, let’s see what benefits talking to yourself positively has in store. 

Positive self-talk is important because: 

  • Various studies indicate that it can improve your mental health. For example, this 2020 study found that people who used positive self-talk felt less anxious about death during the Covid-19 pandemic. The participants also developed effective strategies to help them cope with mental stress and their emotions. 
  • It has a roll-on effect for how you behave. When you think positively, you feel better about yourself and your abilities, so you believe you can achieve more. The more successful you are, the more likely you are to set bigger goals, achieve success, and become self-confident. 
  • It helps you reframe how you see stressful situations as you understand that you are going to do your best and that is enough. 
  • You become a better problem-solver as an “I can do this” mindset helps you see opportunities and possibilities, much like an abundance or growth mindset does. 
  • You become more resilient as you believe that there are workarounds when a challenge arises. 
  • Your relationships improve because you are a healthier and safer individual to be around. After all, who wants to be around a Debby Downer all day?    
  • It helps you feel more positive about the future as you feel more upbeat, eager to chase your goals and dreams, and overcome challenges. You feel like you have a purpose in life because you believe you are enough.  
  • You can also explore your self-potential as difficult situations don’t hold you back. You aren’t scared to try new things, so you can unlock your potential. 
  • You’ll also feel better physically as you’ll help boost your immunity and feel more positive toward exercising and eating healthy. You may also experience less chronic pain as you have a positive outlook on life (and yourself). In the words of Edmond Mbiaka, “Positive self-talk is to emotional pain as [a] pain pill is to physical pain.

When you engage in negative self-talk, you are more likely to: 

  • Feel anxious 
  • Feel insecure 
  • Lack self-belief and self-confidence 
  • Have a low self-esteem 
  • Feel like you aren’t enough or that you are worthless 
  • Set yourself up for failure as negative self-talk leads to a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy cycle 
  • Put less effort into doing stuff, thus failing more 
  • Be depressed and prone to other mental health disorders

71 Positive Self Talk Examples 

Looking for positive self-talk examples so you can start practicing and benefiting? 

Here are the best examples of what you can say to yourself:  

1. I will treat myself as my own best friend. I love myself, and I’ll be compassionate and kind toward myself today. 

2. I haven’t done this before, but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and try. 

3. I am proud of myself for achieving this degree. It was a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears, but I made it. 

4. I know that I can only control myself, my thoughts, and my actions. I can’t influence what others think of me, and that’s okay. I’m okay with me being me. 

5. Maybe my partner didn’t reply yet because they are busy. I’ll be patient and not make assumptions, thinking the worst. 

Maybe my partner didn’t reply yet because they are busy. I’ll be patient and not make assumptions, thinking the worst. “

6. I know I’m not the skinniest at work. But I’m working on my health, and I’m grateful to my body for what it can do. It’s enough. 

7. I am looking forward to going after my life goals. 

8. I have enough skills and resources to achieve my goals. 

9. I am ready for any task that needs doing. 

10. I’m thankful for everything in my life, from the little things to the bigger, momentous things.  

11. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by such caring people. 

12. I’m blessed to have a best friend who is part of my family. 

13. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that arise. 

14. I’m even grateful for all the obstacles and challenges as there’s always something for me to learn. And from that, I can grow as a person. 

15. I am intelligent, caring, and desirable. I am enough.

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16. I am happy to be me and living an authentic life. 

17. I can do this again. I’ve done it before, even if it didn’t go as planned.  

18. I won’t let my anxieties and fears control me. I choose to be confident, and I’m in control. 

19. My limiting beliefs have no power over me. I’m working on eliminating them and I choose to believe in myself. 

20. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. 

21. I am worthy of respect, love, and kindness. 

22. I’m proud to be me, a one-of-a-kind human. 

23. I’m confident in my body. 

24. I accept myself. My flaws and strengths make me who I am. 

25. I’m worthy of having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I’m working to be healthier each day.

I’m worthy of having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I’m working to be healthier each day.”

26. I’m letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me. 

27. I accept what I cannot change in my life. 

28. I am working on my self-development so I can be a better and more authentically me. 

29. I will be okay. I have everything I need to thrive.  

30. I can deal with this. I’ll take it one logical step at a time. 

31. I forgive myself. My past mistakes don’t define me. 

32. This wasn’t the result or outcome I wanted or planned on, but I learned a lot. And I’m still proud of myself for trying and giving it a chance. 

33. I can try again tomorrow. I can use the lessons from today to do better tomorrow. 

34. I am letting negativity go. It just holds me back and doesn’t help me grow and learn. 

35. I’m resilient. Nothing will keep me down. 

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36. The power to be happy is within me, so I choose to be happy.  

37. I look on the bright side, no matter what’s happened or what will happen. 

38. I have plenty of reasons to smile, even when it’s a rainy day. 

39. I welcome an abundance of joy and everything that is good in my life. 

40. I am going to think healthily and positively today. 

41. I am a good mom (or father) to my kids. I do my very best each and every day. 

42. I am manifesting abundance, gratitude, happiness, love, and positivity. 

43. I continue to strive for progress, not perfection. 

44. I am loved. I am cared for. I am supported. 

45. My life is my gift, and I’m going to live it on my own terms and appreciate everything I have. 

My life is my gift, and I’m going to live it on my own terms and appreciate everything I have. “

46. I am my own biggest cheerleader. I believe in myself. 

47. I love myself unconditionally. This is the gift I give myself every day.  

48. I have a lot to offer to the people around me. I am worthy. 

49. I am exactly who I need to be right now. The past has prepared me for this moment; I’m ready. 

50. I radiate love and kindness wherever I go. 

51. My mind and my body are strong. I am more than capable of success. 

52. I am calm and at peace. 

53. My body is mine; therefore, I love my body. 

54. I’m looking forward to exercising today. I don’t see working out as punishment but rather as me-time to focus on my health.  

55. I am showing up for myself today by taking care of my needs.

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56. I have nothing to prove to others. It’s me against me. 

57. Everything is okay and will be okay. I’m safe. 

58. I’m learning to better regulate my emotions. 

59. My fears don’t get to decide for me. I do. I know what’s best for me.  

60. I don’t need to keep apologizing for every little thing. I choose to practice understanding and acceptance.  

61. What’s meant for me, will be. I accept that door didn’t open for me; something better is coming along. 

62. I forgive myself for sliding back into bad habits. I will honor myself and make better decisions going forward. 

63. I accept my anger. It’s okay to feel how I feel. 

64. I’m coping the best I can. It’s a challenging situation, but it, too, will pass. 

65. Every problem has a solution. I’m going to slow down, take a break, and then work on the solution, one step at a time.

Every problem has a solution. I’m going to slow down, take a break, and then work on the solution, one step at a time.”

66. I didn’t succeed today. But failure is part of growing, and I accept that. 

67. It’s more than okay to ask for help. I don’t have to do everything by myself. Asking for help doesn’t make me weak.

68. I trust my instincts. They guide me and help me make the right decision. 

69. I own my mistakes and take responsibility for my part in that messy situation. I’m not blaming myself for everything that went wrong. 

70. I trust myself. I have the tools needed to make this work. 

71. This relationship will work out. I’m going to work with my partner on our relationship and build a better foundation for trust, love, support, and respect to flourish.

Final Thoughts About Positive Self-Talk Examples

Armed with these positive self-talk examples, you can get started on loving yourself more today. Soon, you’ll notice how your perspective changes for the better, how much more you believe in yourself, and how better you feel overall. 

Identify when you use negative self-talk, stop, and reframe that so you can talk to yourself as you would with a loved one.

You are so worthy of loving yourself, being kind to yourself, and practicing understanding and acceptance with yourself.  

Having trouble engaging in positive self-talk? Here’s a 14-step guide to help you stop negative self-talk so you can reap all the benefits that healthy self-talk has to offer.

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