Barbie Movie Neon Bathing Suit Nail Art


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Like I mentioned the other day, I am getting a million promotions and ads for all things Barbie. One I see a lot is this neon bathing suit that Barbie and Ken wear while rollerblading. Well, you knew I needed that on my nails. So I did my best to mimic the colors, style, and dotting of this super fun look!

So apparently the movie look is inspired by the 1994 Hot Skatin’ Barbie, which I wish I did BEFORE doing this art, because it is a bit different and I somewhat like it more. But I based my look on the image from the movie that was circulating.

Image courtesy of Google


I swear this is sooooo neon in person. In photographs, dare I say the colors are somewhat muted? The red and orange are eye-searing and my camera was like, I just don’t care.

Here are the colors I used for this fun look:

  • Base: Morgan Taylor B-girl style, 3 coats but only needed 2
  • Red neon: KBShimmer Color Me Rad
  • Orange: KBShimmer Please Don’t Glow Girl
  • Yellow: KBShimmer Sand By Me 
  • Blue: Morgan Taylor No Filter Needed 
  • Purple: KBShimmer Let’s Be Frank
  • White: Stella Chroma High Noon 


I used the nail polish brush for the red, orange, and blue. For the
yellow and purple, I used a nail art striping brush. Based on the photos
from the movie, the dots looks sparkly. I did see that Primark is also
selling the bathing suit that’s in the movie and the dots are white. But
this is Barbie, so I went with sparkles. Well, that did not work at all
because the glitters were too thick for dotting small dots so I ended
up having to remove an entire nail, and then replace it with white.
Trust me, I did try and put the white over the glitter, and it was a hot


I figured some sunshine might help to get more accurate colors. And of course, the weather has been hazy and rainy. This was as sunny as it was getting, but I do think it does show off a bit more of the neon than regular indoor OTT lighting.


Then I love to show off neons in the shade, because you can see more of the colors, especially the red and orange next to each other!

Ok I am obsessed with these and now feel the need to go to Primark and get the bathing suit. It’s ridiculous and 90s and fun!

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