Beauty Q: How Old Were You When You Started Thinking About Skincare?


I must’ve been 10 or 11 and in middle school

It was when I started breaking out on my forehead, and my mom was more concerned about it than I was.

I wasn’t really a girly-girl and didn’t really think about how I looked; I think I was still very much a child and way too busy being a kid!

The only reason why I even thought about it was because my mom, who genetically isn’t prone to acne, would make me sit still so she could hold my face and stare intensely at it. Then she’d mumble all sorts of things about pimples and I would just get annoyed and run away, ha ha ha.

Eventually she brought me to a dermatologist, who told me to use a benzoyl peroxide bar soap that dried out my skin. She also prescribed an antibiotic which didn’t really help at all.

In high school I eventually started a steady routine of face wash, toner (remember Sea Breeze?) and Oil of Olay sunscreen. I think it was SPF 15 or something! I remember the light pink bottle with the black cap.

17 and full of sass

Anyway, I was thinking about timelines for skincare the other day when Connor and I were getting her ready for bedtime. She still uses Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo for washing her skin and hair, and it’s still working for her.

We chatted briefly about when it might be a good time to start doing a skincare routine because she gets an occasional small pimple, so I’m thinking that maybe 8 or 9 would be a good time to introduce a daily gentle face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen. I don’t know if that’s too early, though. I want her to stay an oblivious kid for as long as she can, you know? I also want her to have good skincare habits though.

How old were you when you started thinking about skincare?

Were you relatively young? Did you wait until your teens? Or is it a recent thing? Let me know in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Oh my gosh, friend. First day of school for my not-so-little one is Thursday! We’re all going a little crazy, LOL!