Blemish Control — Estée Lalonde


We all go through periods, long and short, of irritated skin – we’re all human. Either hormonally or due to external factors being; stress, pollution or even over use of products. Personally, I deal with hormonal skin, which can be really frustrating. I look back and laugh at some of the hilarious at-home treatments I’ve tried to banish my blemishes: toothpaste, harsh acids, and if that fails, going full on attack-mode and picking my skin – we’ve all been there!

But having tried and tested a range of products, I have finally found what works for me and wanted to share some of my knowledge. Something I really do think works is stripping back to the basics – drinking plenty of water and keeping your skin routine simple. We all weirdly feel pressure when not following a 10-step skincare routine for the day and night, but sometimes less is more. I only started adding steps into my routine when I had something to resolve e.g. acne, fine lines, pigmentation, resurfacing or intense dryness or oiliness.

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