BRB, Going to Dye My Hair Seafoam Green Like Rico Nasty’s — See Photos


As a beauty writer, I write tons about celebrity looks — my eyes are on every single haircut, hair color, manicure, and more. But if I had to switch beauty routines with any celebrity, my choice would be Rico Nasty without a doubt. Beside the fact she’s a Black woman who merges punk and hip hop (two of my favorite things) together, I love her looks because they completely obliterate beauty boundaries the average celebrity wouldn’t break even on Halloween. And her latest hairstyle is as layered as an onion with a seafoam green color. 

Nasty wore her bright, layered hair with a matching jersey and shorts to play basketball at the Monster Energy BIG3 Celebrity Game held in Washington, D.C. on August 19. The longest tips of her green hair cascaded towards her lower back, while her shortest layers barely grazed her chin. Her hair was super straight with a few flyaways sticking out near the crown of her head.  

Her bangs were long and blunt, completely covering her eyebrows and falling into her eyes. Her bangs, on the other hand, transition from seafoam to turquoise, creating a seamless ombre. You can see more of that turquoise hue on the tips of the face-framing layers. 

Getty Images