Constance Hatchaway’s Stain Removal Tips


April 21, 2023

This post is satire.

Hey everyone, Constance Hatchaway here! As promised in my recent GRWM wedding video, here’s a post about how I got those pesky red splatter (not blood!) stains out of my wedding veil so I could wear it in time for my second wedding.

I used Branch Basics Oxygen Boost for this tough job, and in just one cleaning, it got almost all of the stains out. I still have no idea where all that red stuff came from. SO weird.

As you can see, it left little traces of red on the lace trim during the first rinse. I was tempted to leave it just for the memories:) But once I let the powder sit on some of the tougher stains and scrubbed a bit before rinsing the second time, it was good as new. You’d never know it was my second time wearing. Can’t wait to wear it for the next wedding!