ehmkay nails: Summer Lemon Nail Art


Press Sample 

Lovely follower and amazing commenter Tami knows how much I love fruit print: on my nails and on my clothes! She alerted me to a fantastic bathing suit with lemons and you know I absolutely saved the image of the bathing suit to eventually put on my nails!

Originally, for the base, I was going to use KBShimmer
Harbor a Crush. But I decided last minute I wanted some thing, a bit
brighter, and with a little bit of sparkle. 


This print is from a website called Bathing Belle Swimwear. I love this suit so much! It’s a little pricey but if I saw it in person, I would probably buy it! The print on the bathing suit had black outlines that
did not line up. I thought it was so cute on the bathing suit but on my
nails, it kind of looks messy.