Fourth of July Nail Art


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Gone are the days when I used to use multiple nail arts for one holiday (beyond Halloween, lol). I have many ideas for Fourth of July nails, but alas, I only got one done! I do love a good red, white, and blue colored combo, so I was excited to get something down on my nails.


Life is so chaotic right now and next week I start teaching a summer class, so I’ve been trying to soak up my free time with fun activities and I wanted something super simple. I love fun striped looks and even more so, I love when they don’t have to be perfect because I cannot paint a straight line. I did a base of a white with blue flecks in it, because I liked that it was white without being stark white.



After I did two coats of my base, I let it dry for a couple of minutes before adding the stripes. If I wore this color alone, I would probably do three coats, but because I knew I was covering up a lot of it, I opted for two because I didn’t want super thick nails. I used a nail art striping brush for each color but you could use a mix of a nail art striping brush or the actual nail polish brush to do the stripes. If it was a thinner brush, like this old Zoya, you can just use the nail polish brush. But the Stella Chroma and some of the KBs had a wide brush, so you need a striping brush or super steady hand. Also, a word of advice, I did the red cream for since it tends to smudge with topcoat so the red had the most time to dry.


Here are the colors I used. I do wish I added the red shimmer more on the middle of the nail because it’s so pretty, but oh well!

  • Base: Duri Cosmetics Speck-Tacularly Me 
  • Reds: Zoya Hannah (creme), KBShimmer So Cordial (shimmer)
  • Blues: Stella Chroma Grab the Wheel (creme), KBShimmer No Wave! (shimmer)
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now 
  • Silver glitter: Morgan Taylor Sprinkle of Twinkle



For the red, white, and blue, I wanted a cream and a sparkle of each color. For the white sparkle, I opted for a silver glitter, because this is Fourth of July so I needed some glitter somewhere. The fastest way to do this art is to do one color across all ten nails at a time rather than one nail at a time with all of the colors. I was going to do the same striping for each now and then decided to go completely random.

Happy Fourth of July if you celebrate!

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