How Does It Feel After Weight Loss?


Being over the BMI and carrying excess weight puts individuals at a risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses, and losing weight can significantly reduce these risks and improve overall health markers. Apart from these obvious benefits, weight loss has several advantages. It’s not at all easy being overweight, people constantly judge you for your size and pass snide remarks about your eating habits. Being on the wrong kind of diets, falling for gimmicky products, and hitting the gym add to the disappointment. Lack of confidence, negative body image, missing out on social gatherings fearing negative attention, and the fear of being stared at are all common issues people with weight issues face in their everyday life. But once the decision to lose weight has been made and the hard work is in place, and excess pounds come off, life does change! And if you are on the Rati Beauty diet, you would actually enjoy losing weight because you are not starving or punishing your body. So, let’s see how people feel after weight loss? Common sentiment is that they feel better and proud of themselves after successfully reaching their goal, there’s a sense of accomplishment. Apart from opening up a lot of new paths that seemed to not have been there earlier, here’s how people feel after losing a significant amount of weight:

How Does It Feel After Weight Loss

1. You Look At Life Differently:

Improved confidence, increased energy, better self image, positive body image, increased awareness about nutrition and health, can all contribute to a positive outlook towards life. You might be more excited to participate in social gatherings and meet new people.

2. Previously Challenging Tasks Become Easier:

Losing weight can open up opportunities that were previously challenging due to physical limitations. Activities like playing around with your kids without running out of breath, running, dancing, or even simple tasks like climbing stairs might become easier. You will also notice that you can walk long distances without huffing or puffing. Losing weight can often lead to increased flexibility, mobility, and overall comfort in performing daily activities, that includes tying the shoe laces with ease.

3. Feeling Lightweight and More Active:

As you lose weight, you would obviously feel lighter and would become more active. With more energy, you would be able to motor through the difficult tasks of the day rather smoothly. Also read: “9 Signs That you Losing Weight Loss Healthy Way.”

4. Less Snoring, Better Sleep:

Studies say that people who achieve even 5% of weight loss report better sleep and decrease in snoring. However, do remember that good-quality uninterrupted sleep also helps to stick better with the diet and exercise routine, reduces cravings, and helps to get rid of belly fat. It works both ways!

5. Skin Becomes Better/Hair Quality Improves:

Acanthosis nigricans, is a skin condition which is associated with obesity, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, which causes dark discoloration and patches in body folds. Through weight loss and reversing insulin resistance, this condition can be eliminated! Also, during weight loss, as you cut down added sugar, the texture of skin improves and skin ageing can be delayed (sugar damages your skin through a process called glycation). Also, with consumption of nutritious and healthy food, the texture of hair also gets better! Also read: “24 Signs that your Weight Loss is Permanent.”

6. People Who Counselled you About Weight Loss Will Ask you For Advice:

The same people who ridiculed you, passed snide remarks about your weight, will now start to ask you about your diet plans. When people notice that you’ve been successful in losing weight or making positive changes to your lifestyle, they might become curious about the methods you’ve used to achieve your goals. In fact, you might become a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals who are struggling with their body weight issues.

Summing up, shedding off excess pounds can have amazing effects on your physical, emotional, mental well being. Most importantly, you would feel proud about your weight loss journey, of achieving your goal, and you would be eager to help others achieve the same. So, make that all-important decision to lose weight now!

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