How to get younger looking skin naturally [at 40 and beyond]


As a 42-year-old, I get questions daily about my skin hacks. My whole blog is dedicated to this subject. But in this post, I’ll summarize the best advice I can give (in ranking), as short and concise as I possibly can. And refer to more in-depth posts if you want to learn more.

Just to be clear. This post will not give advice about how to look younger with makeup or cosmetic injections. Or other ways to disguise aging.

Instead, this post will only cover the hacks and home remedies that actually makes your skin and face younger. On a cellular level.

Let’s begin!

Hack no 1: Use MORE suncreen

Using sunscreen is not really a hack. It is common sense these days, and most people know it will affect how fast your skin will age. But sadly, most people use far too little of it.

In order to get all the juicy benefits from sunscreen you need to pick one with high uva-protection. Use more than you think you need. And more often than you think you is neccessary.

Unlike UVB, UVA is what causes wrinkles. And UVA is present year round, as well as in the mornings and evenings, and behind window glass.

Nothing ages your skin more than UVA. But using protection will not only prevent future damage. It will also help reverse some damage that is already done. This post will explain how that is possible.

I also recommend my post about sunscreen on cloudy days. You’ll also get my recommendations when it comes to what sunscreen to choose.

How to naturally look younger at 40 and beyond. No botox, no fillers.
My personal tips for how to get younger looking skin at the age of 40 and beyond.

Hack no 2: Beauty sleep

This is my second most important hack for younger skin. Sleep is so underestimated these days. And something that way too many people neglect in order to be as productive as possible.

Well, the skin will suffer for sure when you skip your beauty sleep. And besides getting dark circles under your eyes, your whole face will look more saggy and tired. Aka older than it is.

On the opposite, good quality sleep will make your skin cells plumper, which tightens your skin. As well as give you a natural healthy glow. This will for sure make your face look younger.

Read my post about beauty sleep to learn more about the powerful impact it has on your looks and your health. And how to improve it if you suffer with sleep problems.

Hack no 4: Beauty diet

Eating enough of certain foods will have a tremendous effect on your skin. And just like sunscreen, it will show its best effect long term. But getting the right micronutrients will also have an effect within a short time. Such as just a few days.

Certain carotenoids will for example give you a smashing glow and color. As well as increase the content of hyaluronic acid in your skin cells. Making them plumper.

Read my post about the best beauty diet for short-term and long-term effects to learn more.

Hack no 3: Get a microcurrent device

If you are new to microcurrent, then you must check out this article. This technology has been a true game changer for me and nothing I want to live without.

For example it lift, plump, tighten, and give a an instant glow. It also helps your skin produce more collagen and elastin. Which in time makes lines and wrinkles less prominent.

In order to use a microcurrent device you’ll also need a good conductive gel. This post is all about that.

Hack no 5: Adjust your skincare routine

In case you use the wrong skincare products, you may do more harm than good.

For example, some very common ingredients can cause dry and sensitive skin. As well as inflammation. And that will age you faster.

My post about hyaluronic acid may be helpful if you suffer with sensitive or dry skin. Or acne.

Make sure you use skin care products that your skin is comfortable with. My personal choice of cleanser, toner, and cream are all great for sensitive skin as well as antiaging.

I also recommend you add a retinol or bakuchiol product. And/or a vitamin c serum. You can read all my reviews about the ones I prefer for my sensitive skin.

Hack no 6: Exercise

Exercising has an effect on not just your body and brain. It also helps your skin cells to become younger. This post goes inte details about exercising and skin health.

Try making exercise a habit, and your skin will thrive. Just don’t overdo it since stress has the opposite effect.

Hope you find these hacks as helpful as I do! My skin would for sure look a lot different without following them.

I know many clinics recommend botox and other cosmetic injections for youthful skin. But in reality, these methods can age your skin faster and make you look even older over time. Personally, I only recommend natural anti aging.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or if you have a hack of your own that you would like to share 🙂

Until next time, love your skin!