How to Hygge your Home — Estée Lalonde


It’s coming to the end of Summer (*cry), which means shorter days, longer nights, and more time spent at home. For many of us, this transition between the seasons can be a bit conflicting. On one hand, we sort of grieve those long summer days spent in the sun with our closest people, good food and drinks. But on the other hand, I personally look forward to the rainy days, spent inside, getting cosy with my favourite tea and cuddled on the sofa with Effie. Can you relate?

I heard about this Danish word, Hygge, which has got me super excited for Autumn and making my space ready for September. Hygge is a mood that evokes feelings of being cosy and comfortable. It’s about creating a warm atmosphere where you feel safe and content, which is the perfect vibe for Autumn right!

With that in mind, here are some of my tips on how to Hygge-ify our homes this Autumn: including my picks for home furnishings, home fragrance, and some tasty treats to enjoy!