Modelones Unveils Unlock and Unleash Collection


Modelones, an avant-garde leader in nail care, unveils the Unlock & Unleash Collection in a game-changing collaboration.

Pairing the technical prowess of celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, the virtuoso behind the flawless nails of Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez; with Saxon Sharbino, acclaimed for her role in Fox’s “Touch” and beloved for her effervescent personality; and Joaco Vazquez, an edgy LGBT fashion and lifestyle influencer, this collection is set to be a staple in every nail pro’s toolkit.

With the Unlock & Unleash Collection, let your true color shine! This collection is an invitation to all — irrespective of age, gender or style — to embrace the beauty of self-expression. Revel in the joy of nails that reflect your true essence.

Rich Girl Retro

Rich Girl RetroCourtesy of Modelones

Rich Girl Retro brings Bachik’s expertise to the forefront. This glamorous palette boasts rich colors and shimmering shine, conveying a slightly retro vibe that works for all occasions.

The palette includes the following nine colors: 

  • Emerald Skies
  • Blue Monday
  • Purple Kiss
  • Ruby Red Wine 
  • California Sunsets 
  • Fuchsia Suede 
  • Sweet Emotions
  • Rich Girl 
  • Champagne Supernova 

Color Confidence

Color ConfidenceCourtesy of Modelones

Color Confidence from Sharbino presents a palette of feminine, everyday wear shades. The curated hues reflect an understated elegance that’s poised to be a mainstay in every fashionista’s ensemble.

The palette includes the following nine colors: 

  • Daring Cherry
  • Spunky Hibiscus 
  • Poised Rose 
  • Feisty 
  • Fearless Champagne 
  • Cheeky Marshmallow 
  • Old Money Blue 
  • Sassy Sangria 
  • Tranquil Tea Green 

Pretty Unique One

Pretty Unique OneCourtesy of Modelones

With an audacious selection of shades from Vazquez, Pretty Unique One has bold and striking color combinations with a gorgeous duo chrome finish.

The palette includes the following nine colors: 

  • Hometown
  • Night Out 
  • Low Exposure 
  • Magic Lilac 
  • Loving Pink
  • Dancing Queen 
  • Stay Passionate 
  • Cheerful Green 
  • Born to Shine 

Now is the time for the nail industry to experience the paradigm shift that is the Unlock & Unleash Collection, which is available now through Modelones’ official website.