Neon Pink Barbie Inspired Nail Art


 Partial Press Sample

So I sat down with so many ideas for some Barbie inspired nail art. Barbie is everywhere. I read that Barbie movie created 180 collabs for the movie! WHAT!? So I put on my base and then glitter colors, and then I fell in love and decided to just leave it be. Things can be funny like that, but then again, not everyone is gifted at nail art so it’s great to know that you can just slap on a glitter and say this is really pretty. Also, I have to tell you I’ve been wearing a lot of glitters again lately and it’s totally out of character but I guess I’m here for it. Is 2012 indie glitter back? Can we make removal easier?!

I literally have 25 to 30 pink nail polishes on my desk
right now. I brought out a variety of shades and finishes to create pink arts. Then of course I use one that I didn’t even have out because
it’s still away in the PR box. Yeah, one of the new Zoya Beachy Brights.
I haven’t put them into my excel sheet yet so I don’t put them into my Helmer until that step is completed.


Then my goal was to add a glitter and some stamping and neon rainbow gives Barbie (and Lisa Frank) vibes. Here is what I used:

  • Base: Zoya Yohanna, 2 coats 
  • Glitter: 1-2 coats of China Glaze  Point Me to the Party


Point Me to the Party is from China Glaze’s Summer 2015 collection and I
apparently bought it for $2.50 in 2015! Yes, I have all this info in my
extremely detailed Excel spreadsheet. The glitter is still great! It’s
not thick at all. In fact, it’s a little thin. I love the almost pale
neon colors of the glitter. 


I had to share this manicure in the sunshine and the shade. Neons look amazinnng in the shade and show you just how bright they are. Although, I will say these picture also show off the bubbles in my manicure which is my fault. This is just a simple and fun manicure and 5 days after wearing them, I took pictures LOL. I will mention I loved Zoya Yohanna more than when I first swatched it.


I have more Barbie looks I want to do. I won’t get them done before the movie comes out, but I will keep on sharing. 

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