Stella Chroma Glistens Like a Gem, August 2023 Polish Pickup


Press Sample

Right off the bat, I need to tell you this polish is amazing and there are too many photos and go add it to your wish list. I know an orange polish is not everyone’s favorite, but I love it and I love it especially when fun stuff is added to it. Let’s just get to the beauty! 

Glistens Like a Gem, $13.50 per 15 mL bottle, No Cap

Glistens Like A Gem is our glowy orange beauty created for PPU’s
August theme, Dreamscapes. A sheer orange base allows the bright
red/yellow to shine through and highlight red/orange/yellow flakies.
Best coverage is at 2-3 coats. 

Glistens Like a Gem: 3
coats. This was actually opaque at two coats but I knew I would be
taking some pictures and my pesky index nail is so opaque that it always
shows nail line so I opted for a third thin coat. If you are not photographing your nails in direct sunlight, though, two coats is all
you need.

I am a huge fan of polishes that are
this orangey gold color. I do love gold nail polish and I love orange
nail polish, so this is sort of an in between. I would wear this
throughout the year and cannot wait to put it back on for Halloween. I
love the amount of flakes and the shimmer and the holo. 

I swatched this on four nails, I just couldn’t take it off. I had fully
planned to do some thing else on my nails, but ended up doing an entire
manicure with this nail polish. You definitely want to buy this one
because you will be sad if you don’t.


Because I loved it so much, I had to share way too many photos. Here is the polish in direct sun, indirect sun, and shade!

had actually planned to stamp over this but unfortunately the gold did
not show up too well. And I tried three different golds. Although black
and white did show up obviously, it was just too stark for what I was
feeling. But I cannot wait to stamp some black pumpkins over this!

also wanted to mention that, despite this being so sparkly and
glittery, removal was super easy. I did not need to add any extra elbow
grease to get it off when I removed it a few days later.