Stella Chroma July 2023 Neon LE



Stella Chroma does a monthly mystery polish that she sends out to subscribers. I don’t currently subscribe to this, but I have subscribed to her mystery boxes in the past and loved them. It’s a chance for you to try new polishes that you might not otherwise purchase. I find that sometimes I love polishes so much more once they’re on my nails than in a bottle. For April’s color, Pam did an amazing pink neon. People went crazy for it and so she surprised everyone by creating a special, limited edition polish that is slightly different from the monthly mystery. She sold out in just a few hours. I know I’m going to be moving to autumn polishes soon, so I wanted to put on this polish before I no longer was in the neon mood. I don’t like my polishes sitting around untried. I only have two untried polishes right now and this is one of them. 


Here is Pam’s description: 

“Y’all asked for it! April 2023’s mystery was a HUGE hit and I had extra pigment left over. My inbox and DMs exploded with requests to buy it, but that isn’t possible with the mystery subscription. But I did agree to do something I rarely do… make a LE batch of polish. I started with the exact same base color, but added a strong blue/green shifting shimmer and red/orange/yellow shifting flakies. Opaque in two coats. Add a topcoat for the best look!”

July 2023 Neon LE: 2 coats. This is a super hot neon pink with blue to purple shimmer and iridescent flakes. I swear you could do one coat and be done; that’s how pigmented it is. I opted for two because I wanted more shimmer. I won’t lie; this is out of my comfort zone because I typically use neons for nail art, not as their own manicure. The only neons I usually wear are pastel neons, which has sadly been out of my rotation for no particular reason.

I then decided to stamp some stars over this. Mr. Ehmkay said it gave Christmas vibes. But the plate was a plate with stars on it! What do you think? I just wanted to break up all the pink.

I wore it for way too long and actually had them on when I finally went to see Barbie, so I guess that’s fitting?

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