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I have had quite a long-standing workaholic mindset. In the past, that imbalance of over-production and little sleep often governed my decisions to control energy states with substances and behaviors. We see it all the time—a gravitation toward “just one more cup of coffee” to get us through. 

Even when I wasn’t having to be or do anything, I was “on.” There has, however, been a profound shift over the years, especially with the reclusion that ensued in2020. I personally have become more aware of how necessary conserving and mindfully directing my energy is to my health and well-being. Simple tools like moving breath, holding a mudra for a few minutes, going for a walk, or giving myself self-care hand reflexology during breaks are just some of the methodsI’ve employed that have shifted so much within and around me. 

In this class, you will learn self-care tools to help balance and regulate your energy levels, paying particular attention to finding the flow in and out of so-called “on” and “off” states.  

What you will learn: 
1.  Meditation with Chandra Kriya Mudra.
2.  Four Directional TaoistExercises.
3.  Hand reflexology for the HPA Axis.
4.  To quiet yourself, settle, and ask, “what do I need right now.”
5.  Know thyself and honor/accept where you are.
In moments of imbalance, repeat #4.  

Chantel is not a doctor and does not dispense medical advice. Nor does she diagnose, prognose, or prescribe. The holistic tools taught are not substitutes for medical care. Consult your physician in all matters regarding your health.

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