The Best Hydrating Serums for Every Skin Type and Budget — Estée Lalonde


A serum is a concentrated formula of powerful ingredients used to help target specific skincare concerns, such as redness, dehydration, dark spots, signs of ageing, you name it – there’s a serum for it. You can think of a serum like a shot (yes, as in an alcoholic beverage, except you won’t regret it the next day). Then, think of your moisturiser as a cocktail – though it might contain some of the same ingredients as the shot, the concentration level is much lower in comparison.

Serums are best applied after cleansing but before moisturising, as they’re most often water-based and are made up of smaller molecules which allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. Following up with a moisturiser then helps to seal the product in, leaving it to work its magic. Gentle enough to be used daily, you’re bound to see improvement in your skin soon enough. So, as someone whose main concern is dehydration, here is my list of The Best Hydrating Serums – for every skin type!