Zoya Beachy Brights, Swatches and Review


Press Sample

When I got the press release for this collection, I saw neons and immediately went yay! What I failed to read is that these were minis with a new gel prep system. So when they showed up so small I was like huh, OK. I am literally an English professor, so I probably should read better, right? To be honest the first press release did not mention a size, but the second one did once I looked back. Anywho, I will review the gel system later and just share the colors for now!


According to the press release, “Our new, patent pending Fusion Bright Formula with a built-in white base provides a streak-free, two-coat coverage and comes with Z-Wide Brushes for quick and easy application.” I have had Zoya minis once before and they were not my favorite but I enjoyed using the minis with the wide brush.

Yohanna: 2 coats plus top coat. “A vibrant ultra-bright knockout pink.” This is the quintessential neon Barbie pink. It’s definitely a fun color for summer but it’s nothing new in my book. I feel like I could’ve used a third coat because there was a little streaking so just be very careful with application (Any bubbles are my top coat because it was hot out when I swatched). 


Loni: 3 coats plus top coat. “A bright salmon coral.” I knew this color would be my favorite just because I love a coral neon. But again this did not live up to the 2 coat formula as it had streaks and I needed a third to level out. This one is the perfect pedicure for the summer. It’s much brighter in person and my camera seemed to mute it a bit but it is bright and gorgeous! Go back to my collage, which seems to show the color more accurately. I am so confused.


Avani: 3 coats plus top coat. “An extra bright lemon lime green.” This green dried almost on contact! As I quoted above, these were supposed to be two coats and streak free, and they just…weren’t. After the second coat, the color was still a little patchy, and if you go over it more than once a dragged. So I did three coats. This is a color I would strictly use for nail art, and I would never wear it on its own, but that is just my preference. I like that Zoya is stepping out of the box with this color.


Pluto: 2 coats plus top coat. “A vibrant Carolina blue.” Zoya just started a color of the month program and the first color is Marisol which honestly looks a lot like Pluto. I’m not sure why they would release two blue neons in the exact same month but who am I? This is a good enough blue. Definitely a fun color for a beach day. But I definitely want to see a comparison to Marisol!


Soraya: 2 coats plus top coat. “An ultra-bright creamy highlighter fuchsia.”  Does this color look familiar because it should. This is sooo close to Charisma which I’ve had twice and both times, they have faded. I gave them both away, so I don’t have them to compare, but I guess I’ll hold onto this to see if this one will fade too. Looking at my swatches, Charisma is ever so slightly pinker. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful color and has the best formula of all of the collection since it could’ve been a very careful one coat polish. Be careful with removal as there were minor stains.

Also, I shared it matte naturally, just so you can see how these dry down before top coat. 


Alora: 2 coats. “A juicy fire engine red filled with pink undertones.” This one did not try down matte like the other ones because it’s not really a neon. It’s more like a super bright red. Reds are never opaque on my nails and will always show nail line so I did not bother with a third coat, because I knew it would look exactly the same. This is just a bright summer red. If that’s your jam, then you’ll love this. It would be a great pedicure color. Be aware that it stains. I wore it for four minutes and then after I had to use cuticle remover. 


I can pretend to love this collection, but it’s just okay. Maybe I have too many Zoyas so these don’t feel new to me? I feel like Zoya missed the mark with four of the six colors being pinks and reds and purples. I need more variety in my neons. I also found removal to be annoying because somehow these neons found your patch of dry skin and stained it every single time. I hate to be such a negative Nancy, but I guess I just did not love this collection. I wish these would have been neon shimmers. Can you imagine a red neon shimmer? Yes please. 

Anyway, I’m excited to try the Geli-cure system! That review will be later this month as I am still away on vacation.

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