101 Funny Couples Quiz Questions


If laughter is the best medicine, then you and your partner are about to upgrade the health of your relationship!

If you’ve been together for years or just started dating recently, this hilarious 101-question couples quiz will reveal new insights and bring you closer. 

Get ready to laugh and maybe blush a little as you and your partner take turns answering these thought-provoking questions ranging from favorite foods to future dreams. 

You might be surprised by some of the answers! 

Why Are Funny Questions for Couples Good for a Relationship?

A happy relationship needs a healthy dose of laughter.

Sharing lighthearted moments together forms a bond nothing else can.

Taking a funny couples quiz is one great way to inspire joy and intimacy between you and your partner.

  • Joking around keeps things positive. You’ll get quality time to be silly and appreciate each other’s humor. Science shows laughter eases tension.
  • Playful questions reveal quirky, endearing sides of your personality. Understanding what makes each other laugh builds closeness.
  • Quizzes open up new conversations to learn more about your histories and opinions. You’ll uncover surprising facts and stories from the past.
  • Inside jokes and memories are created from the banter. You’ll chuckle later, reminiscing about your answers.
  • Vulnerabilities are shared in a low-pressure way. Humor relaxes you to be more transparent with one another.

Make your next date night extra fun by breaking out this list of 101 clever and thoughtful relationship questions. Laughter and love go hand-in-hand.

Funny Couples Quiz: 101 Questions to Tickle Your Funny Bones

Laughing together is one of the joys of being in a relationship.

This side-splitting quiz has 101 questions guaranteed to tickle your funny bones and get some giggles going!

From poking fun at annoying habits to embarrassing memories, these questions cover all the amusing parts of being a couple.

Funny Relationship Questions

1. What food best describes your partner’s personality – salty, sweet, spicy, or sour?

group playing games at home Funny Questions For Couples

2. What is the most embarrassing thing your partner wears around the house?

3. If you could change one annoying habit of your partner’s, what would it be?

4. What is your partner’s most amusing pet peeve?

5. What is the silliest thing the two of you have ever argued about?

6. What was the most awkward moment of your first date together?

7. What animal best represents your partner and why?

8. What TV or movie character reminds you most of your partner?  

9. What is the funniest present your partner has ever given you?

10. What is your partner’s strangest sleepwalking or sleep-talking episode?

11. What is the craziest thing you’ve done together?

12. What is the most cringeworthy photo of the two of you? 

13. What bodily sound or function from your partner embarrasses you the most?

14. What personality defect does your partner have that you find oddly endearing?

15. How did you meet, and what was your first impression of your partner?

16. What is your partner’s most humorous irrational fear or phobia?

17. What outfit would you choose for your partner if they let you dress them for a day?

18. What is the most childish thing you’ve seen your partner do?

19. What super embarrassing thing did one of you say or do around the other one’s family? 

20. What food reminds you of your partner and why?

21. What song always makes the two of you laugh?

22. What food does your partner hate that you secretly love? 

23. What chore does your partner always screw up or forget to do?

24. What room in your house best represents your partner and why?

25. What quirky skill or talent does your partner have?

26. What weird object does your partner collect?

27. What hobby would your partner get into if money and time weren’t an issue?

28. What food does your partner refuse to try, no matter how much you beg them?

29. What random celebrity does your partner have an odd crush on?

30. What is your partner’s funniest nickname for you?

31. What is the most childish thing you fight about?

32. What embarrassingly bad dance moves does your partner bust out sometimes?

33. What song does your partner sing horribly wrong?

34. What outfit in your partner’s closet do you absolutely despise?

couple laughing playing games at home Funny Questions For Couples

35. What food reminds your partner of you for funny reasons?

36. What funny or weird family tradition does your partner’s family have?

37. What holiday does your partner have strong feelings about?

38. What actor or actress does your partner claim they look like?

39. What food will your partner eat off the floor?

40. If your partner ran for office, what funny or embarrassing slogan would they use?

Silly Questions to Ask Your Partner  

41. What celebrity couple would we be if we were famous?

42. What TV show or movie would our lives be if it was a sitcom?

43. What was the most insane thing we ever did as teenagers?

44. If we went to a costume party tonight, what hilarious getups would we wear?

45. What accent does your partner hilariously butcher when they try to imitate it?

46. What food mashup dish would your partner love that the rest of the world would find disgusting? 

47. What popular trend did your partner once fall for that they now regret?

48. What outdoor activity does your partner hate that you make them try anyway?

49. What chore causes the funniest tantrum from your partner when it’s their turn to do it?

50. What comedian cracks your partner up the most?

51. What would be your partner’s stripper name?

52. What fictional job or role would your partner be terrible at?

53. What imaginary friend did your partner have as a kid?

54. What funny lie did your partner once tell that came back to bite them?

55. What trendy fashion statement would your partner never be caught wearing?

56. What celebrity does your partner secretly envy?

57. What song does your partner know all the lyrics to, even though they won’t admit it?

58. Who is the most embarrassing person your partner knows?

59. What food or drink gives your partner the most amusing reaction when they have too much of it?  

60. If your partner could be any animal for a day, what would they be and why?

61. What fictional place would your partner love to live in?

62. What hobby would your partner be terrible at no matter how hard they tried?

63. What outfit from your partner’s past makes you laugh uncontrollably when you see photos of it?  

64. What silly fear did your partner have as a child that they denied having?

65. What is the most ridiculous thing your partner has cried about?

66. What weird habits does your partner think they are keeping secret?

67. What mythical creature would your partner be and why?

68. What food does your partner hate the smell of but you love to tease them with anyway?

69. What dish does your partner cook that is oddly delicious but looks gross?

70. What fashion trend are you waiting for your partner to outgrow?

71. What food item would your partner bathe in if given the chance?

72. If your partner could transform into any object for a day, what would it be?

73. What television couple best represents our dynamic?

74. What candy best represents your partner’s personality?  

75. What crime would your partner be arrested for if you got to choose?

76. What accent does your partner use to imitate you that sounds nothing like how you really talk?

77. If your partner could have dinner with any celebrity, who would they choose?

Funny Questions to Ask Your Spouse About Married Life

78. What annoying thing did you not discover about me until after we got married?

79. What is the most embarrassing item I use or wear around the house that you make fun of me for?

80. What bad kitchen habit of mine makes you cringe the most?

81. If you could change one room in our house to better represent my personality, which would it be, and how would you change it?

82. What weird food combination have you caught me eating late at night?

couple sitting on sofa laughing Funny Questions For Couples

83. What TV character would you compare me to and why?

84. What purchase did we make early on that we totally regret now?

85. What outfit do I wear that makes you laugh every time I put it on?

86. What funny or nerdy t-shirt do I wear that embarrasses you in public?

87. What is the most insane thing I have done while drunk?

88. What hilarious or cringy photo of me have you shown your friends without me knowing?

89. What silly thing do I obsessively collect or hoard that drives you crazy?

90. What celebrity do I claim to look like even though there is no resemblance whatsoever?

91. What food do I refuse to admit I hate? 

92. What food do I secretly love that you despise?

93. What sport or activity would I fail hilariously at if I attempted it?

94. What popular song do I always sing wrong?

95. What outfit of mine would you love to burn?

96. What TV show do I pretend not to like but secretly watch? 

97. What outfit do you wish I would wear more often?

98. What popular trend did I once get into that I now deny ever happening?

99. What fear or phobia do I have that is completely irrational?

100. What actor or actress do I have an odd crush on?

101. What habit of mine is so funny you wish you could record it?

102. What fictional character do I compare myself to?

103. What yearly tradition do I insist on that you actually can’t stand?

104. What job do I claim I would be amazing at even though I have no qualifications? 

105. What skill do I boast about even though I’m actually terrible at it?

106. What celebrity encounter did I have that I can’t stop talking about? 

107. What is my funniest nickname for you?

108. What bodily function of mine always makes you laugh?

109. What imaginary scenario do I describe as if it really happened?

110. What food do I eat in disgusting combinations that make you cringe?

111. What fashion trend do I refuse to give up?

112. What hobby am I delusional about being good at?

113. What accent do I horribly impersonate on a regular basis?

114. What ridiculous thing do we argue about?

Random Funny Couples Quiz Questions

115. What food would be weird and messy but funny to have a food fight with?

116. What food does your partner sneak bites of when they think no one’s looking?

117. What would our celebrity couple name be if we were famous?

118. What reality show would we be terrible at competing on together?

119. What catchphrase or saying does your partner overuse constantly that makes you laugh?

120. What fictional job would I be comically bad at if I had to do it as a career?

121. What food am I completely obsessed with in an embarrassing way?

122. What outfit does your partner wear that makes them look like a completely different person?

123. What food does your partner eat in a weird way that is unlike anyone else?

124. What fictional pet or fantastical creature would your partner adopt if given the chance?

125. What dance moves does your partner bust out when they think no one is watching?

126. What hobby would I pick up if I suddenly won a million dollars?

127. What celebrity does your partner imitate perfectly?

128. What weird or useless talent does your partner secretly possess?

129. What outfit would I love to see my partner wear for a day?

130. What food does your partner crave at bizarre times of the day?

131. If we opened a business together, what would it be?

132. What would my partner’s ideal dream house look like if money wasn’t an issue?

133. What famous singer can your partner imitate hilariously?

134. What weird food combination does your partner recommend we try?

135. What profession would I fail spectacularly at?

136. What ridiculous purchase has your partner tried to justify recently?

137. What outfit does your partner own but never wears that you absolutely love?

138. What celebrity scandal or controversy would your partner get themselves into if they were famous?

139. What food does your partner always burn or mess up when they cook?

140. What reality show would your partner sign up for in a heartbeat?

141. What tattoo would your partner get if not for the commitment? 

142. What artist or band does your partner refuse to admit they enjoy?

143. What food from your partner’s culture would you try if they made it?

144. What funny hometown tradition or custom did your partner grow up with?

145. What slang does your partner use that makes them sound decades older or younger?

146. What fashion trend did you or your partner used to rock that makes you cringe now?

147. What accent can your partner not help mimicking after talking to someone?

148. What food does your partner pretend not to like but secretly loves?

149. What sport would it be hilarious to see your partner attempt?  

150. What fashion trend does your partner wish would come back in style?

151. What TV characters from the 90s or 2000s do we most resemble?

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Fun Ideas for Using This Funny Couples Quiz

This hilarious quiz can be utilized in so many fun ways! Here are some creative ideas to try with your partner.

Date Night Conversation Starter

Turn your next date into an entertaining game night by taking turns asking questions from the quiz. It’s a lively way to chat and learn new things about each other in a low-pressure setting. Laughing together is a great way to increase intimacy.

Pre-Wedding Couples Counseling 

Engaged couples can strengthen their bond with this relationship quiz. Discuss your answers in premarital counseling to uncover compatibility and gain insights before saying, “I do.” It also makes sessions less stuffy!

Long-Distance Relationship Activities

Virtual couples can still enjoy this quiz together through video chat or over the phone. Take screenshots of each other’s reactions. It may feel silly at first, but it stimulates connection. 

At-Home Date Night Game 

Staying in? Print out the questions and put them in a cute mason jar. Take turns pulling one out at a time to discuss over dinner, dessert, or cocktails! See who guesses right about their partner the most.

Relationship Podcast or Youtube Video

Vloggers and podcasters can use a selection of questions in an episode dedicated to funny relationship topics. Ask listeners to share their responses on social media for engagement. 

Pre-Vacation Travel Game

Take an hour car ride or plane flight to new heights with this quiz! Traveling together is the perfect time to ask these entertaining questions.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you are in your relationship journey, this 101-question funny couples quiz is guaranteed to spark laughter and intimate conversation. There are so many creative ways to integrate these silly and thoughtful questions into your time together. Next time you and your partner need a quick mood booster or fun activity, this list is ready to go!