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Natural tresses can only take so much wear and tear before breakage and hair damage occurs. Heat, sun, and a plethora of heat styling products definitely don’t help, but genetics, age and nutrition also play a factor. Luckily, if you notice hair thinning or breakage, there are a few things you can do to bring them back to life. (Aside from chanting these hair-care mantras, of course.)

If you’re prepping for a big event whether in person or virtual or you need a quick fix to look your best while doing the latest TikTok challenge, consider adding natural-looking fullness with a seamless hair extension or a volume bundle. Not sure which hair extensions to start with? Take our quiz or try our new virtual color match tool to get the best match for you.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to promote hair growth and an overall healthier scalp, then now may be the time to start busting out some vitamins or investing in new claw clips and hair ties that prevent breakage. It may also be a good idea to look into a great hair care routine for natural hair.

Enter the scalp massager. These handy and affordable items help to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate hair follicles, promoting hair growth and overall chill hair vibes. These days the best scalp massagers can also get wet in the shower, and double as tools to help evenly disperse shampoo or conditioner. It’s like getting that coveted hair massage at the hair dressers, only in the comfort of your own home. And, if you want, every single day.

After all, even though scalp care is still a new and emerging beauty topic, we find it’s always best to address the root of a problem. (See what we did there?)

So what are the best scalp massagers for hair growth? Whether you’re looking to lather up in the shower or you just want a relaxing little massage session before bed, we’ve curated some of the best scalp massagers currently available to purchase.

1. HEETA Scalp Care Hair Brush

Heeta Scalp Massager

Bring this soft shampoo brush with you into the shower for some manual massage action that eases itchiness and promotes blood circulation. It fits easily in your palm so that it’s simple to hold and maneuver, while the waterproof design means you can store it on a shelf or a hanging basket directly in the shower for easy access each time you wash.

2. Luxy Hair’s Root Rescue Scalp Massager

luxy scalp massager


This ergonomic scalp massager comes in a stunning pebbled beige color. Apply shampoo directly onto the bristles and scrub gently in small circular motions. The gentle bristles makes it ideal for sensitive scalps and delivers a fantastic scalp massage that will up your shower game. 

3. MiHair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

MiHair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

While the actual massage part of this handy scalp massager is made from silicone, you can rest assured knowing that the upper body is made from eco-friendly wheat straw material. Together the substances create an easy, hand-held massage experience that’s designed to prevent dandruff all while promoting that coveted hair growth.

4. Ronavo Shower Scalp Brush

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

If wet and soapy hands make you feel like you’re playing hot potato with your scalp massager, perhaps you just need to find a new model. One like this handle-grip, hair-growth-promoting edition, perhaps? Use it as a wet brush for deep cleaning, or destress and promote follicle growth on dry hair each night before bed for a real dual experience.

5. ASAMWM Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

ASAMWM Scalp Massager

Whether you want to relax, promote hair growth, or just get a good scalp scrub on, this purple claw is an affordable and practical choice. It’s designed with ergonomics in mind so that you can really get in there and give your scalp the best possible rub down, making it an ideal choice for smaller hands or those dealing with hand-related medical issues.

6. Scalp Massager by Body Back Company

Scalp Massager by Body Back Company

If you’re just looking for a scalp-massaging tool that you can keep by the bedside and that you don’t plan on taking into the shower, this retro model is always a practical pick. The massager helps to promote scalp wellness—including hair follicle stimulation—without damaging your style. As far as we’re concerned, that makes it one of the best dry-massage options on the market.

7. Comfier Head Massager with 68 Nodes

Comfier Head Massager

If you want the deepest scalp massage possible, this cordless vibrating model is portable and potent. It comes with two massage speeds, four silicone massage heads and a whopping 68 kneading nodes to ensure that you can reach every single part of your scalp for maximum hair follicle growth and relaxation.

8. Innerneed Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

This small but mighty handheld device works on dry or wet hair, and allows you to apply the perfect pressure every time thanks to the single-point design. The soft but thick silicone bristles allow you to easily remove dead skin and promote hair growth, and all without any breakage or irritation to the scalp.

9. Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

This battery-operated, waterproof electric scalp massager also features vibrating action that gives you the best of both worlds. The design promises to withstand daily contact with water, helping you to achieve all of those hair follicle-massaging dreams quickly and efficiently each time you hop in the shower.

10. GBS Shampoo Massage Brush

GBS Soft Red & Black 2 Pack Scalp Massage Brush

These nifty, handheld devices are great for stimulating hair growth on the scalp, but they can also help the dudes out there to massage those patchy beards into submission. The good news is they come in a two-pack, so you won’t have to share, either.

11. SHINEYES 2 Pack Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brushes

SHINEYES 2 Pack Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brushes

Double down on your hair scalp experience with this dual set. The massagers come with a small surface area that makes it ideal for targeting specific areas, but they can also be used on kids or pets. Pop one in your bathroom and the other in your travel bag for hair care on the go, or slip one into your purse for a little post-lunch pick-me-up at work.

12. Ryoma Scalp Massager Portable Hand Held SPA Head Massager

Ryoma Scalp Massager Protable Hand Held

If you want some scalp-massage action while on the go, reach for these claws. The ergonomic handle is easy and convenient to use, while the massage balls help to promote blood circulation, relaxation, and of course, hair follicle stimulation anywhere and everywhere you need it. Just try to contain yourself when you want to give it a high-five for a job well done.

13. ARZER Silicone Head Massage Shampoo Brush for Wet and Dry Hair

Manual Scalp Massager Hair Shower Brush

Efficient washing and massaging is yours with this dual tool, which is designed to help you distribute shampoo evenly and effectively across tresses while also massaging follicles into submission. Thanks to the detachable shell it’s also super easy to clean, which is always a bonus when it comes to preventing gross mold buildup.

14. Octopus Scalp Stress Relax Spa Therapy Healing

Head Massager Neck Massage Octopus

This compact but effective octopus-like scalp massager is a good tool for dry massaging either before bed or while you’re on the go. The battery operated rubber heads vibrate over the scalp to help promote relaxation and hair follicle growth, all while increasing blood circulation for a relaxing scalp-care experience.

15. Tangle Teezer The Scalp Exfoliator & Massager

Tangle Teezer The Scalp Exfoliator & Massager

If you needed more proof that good things come in small packages, this is it. Exfoliate and massage follicles with this scalp massager, which comes with two types of teeth for a dual exfoliating-massaging experience. The shape is designed to fit all hand sizes and promises for a sturdy massage experience, giving your hair the true TLC it deserves.

16. Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Briogeo Scalp Revival™ Stimulating Therapy Massager

Users of these genius handheld massagers are basically waxing poetic about the game-changing difference it has made to their tresses. Get your hands on one and start reviving your own scalp the next time you shower. Use it to help eliminate extra dirt and oil at the scalp, and within a couple of weeks you too will probably notice a big difference.

17. Fable & Mane Scalp Massager Comb

Fable & Mane Scalp Massager Comb

If you prefer the scalp-massaging precision of a comb, Fable & Mane has you covered. This natural comb is suitable for all scalp and hair types and is specifically designed to help with thinning or damaged hair. Take it in the shower or use it on dry tresses, detangling your strands and adding volume while giving your scalp the TLC it deserves.

18. Sephora Collection Silicone Scalp Massager

SEPHORA COLLECTION Silicone Scalp Massager

If you want a basic scalp massager that’s suitable for use on wet or dry hair, Sephora’s tool is a great addition to your hair care routine. The handheld massager is designed to fit comfortably in your hand while mimicking the salon experience at home. The eco-friendly silicone massager also comes with a hanging cord for easy access in the shower, plus an eco-friendly molded paper pulp tray.

19. Ouai Time to Detox Set

Ouai Detox

What’s not to love about this two-in-one detox set from Ouai? If you’re done with diet detoxes and prefer to give your locks a bit of a revival instead, this set provides everything you need to bring that scalp back to life. It includes an apple cider vinegar-based detox shampoo to cleanse away dirt, oil and product buildup, while the addition of keratin helps to strengthen locks. Then, the accompanying scalp massager helps to promote circulation and evenly distributes the product, making this kit a win-win.

20. Electric Scalp Massager Comb 2 in 1 Magical Comb

Electric Scalp Massager Comb 2

Comb your hair and massage your scalp at the same time with this “magical” device that features up to 7500 vibrations per minute and two changeable brushes. With that kind of battery-operated power, this device is strong enough to ease stress away while stimulating hair follicles, for sure. But it can also be used on your back, arms, or legs, making this a two-in-one tool that massage lovers everywhere may want to spring for.

21. Comfier Cordless Electric Head Massager with 21 Nodes

Comfier Cordless Head Massager - Electric Hair Scalp Massager

If it’s a deep scalp massager experience you’re going for, this model comes with lots of bells and whistles. There are four massage heads with 21 individual nodes that rotate for a relaxing massage experience that also helps to stimulate hair growth. Bonus points for the fact that it can also be used on your neck or back. Users say this one can even help with migraines.

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