Mattifying Primer For a Smooth Matte Makeup Look


mattifying primer

Over many eras of makeup fashion, matte skin has gone in and out of vogue.  It’s definitely one of my favorite looks.  Being an artist of the 80s, I absolutely adore a seamless matte complexion with pops of vivid color.   The ongoing problem, however, has always been how to create and sustain such a complexion without completely traumatizing the skin.  This is because traditional mattifying products have typically tended to dehydrate skin and clog pores.

Does Matte Makeup Dry Out Skin?

From the early days of stage makeup where enormous powder puffs full of talc-based powders were pounded onto the skin, anyone who wore it felt the constant yoyo of dry to oily extremes throughout the day.  And the more powder we used, the more our skin rebounded to a shiny, oily state. 

Then in the 80s, some of the biggest makeup brands started launching matte liquid or crèmetopowder foundations and with them, a whole new set of issues began.  When first applied, your face would feel so tight and dry that you’d think it was going to crack off.  Then, halfway through the day, you were shiny and oily again.  It isn’t surprising that such results were the norm of the day considering the technology that we had to work with back then. 

The simple truth is that any product that proposes to create long term mattification using drying ingredients is destined for failure.  This is because the skin is a living breathing organ that can sense when its moisture is being depleted.  Our body’s natural reaction to drying ingredients is to purge oil to compensate for the dryness.  It creates a cycle of oiliness and a need for mattifying that never ends.  But in the process, we always end up clogging the pores and making the complexion look heavy or caky. 

The good news is that our industry has evolved and brands are not only starting to develop new ways to control shine but they’re finding ways to do it without completely trashing the skin.  Of course, its no surprise that jane iredale the original Skincare Makeup has been at the forefront of this movement. 

Mattifying Primer That Controls Shine Without Drying

This year, we’re excited to showcase the latest in matte technology with an extraordinary new primer called Smooth Affair Mattifying.  The really astonishing element of this primer isn’t only how effectively it controls shine.  Its how the formula actually improves skin texture and health while creating the beautiful matte makeup lookwe’ve all been searchingfor. 

The key to Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primeris its highly effective ingredient list. 

  • We start with Hibiscus Extract which supports the skin’s elasticity and prevents water loss. This compound is also excellent for improving the skin’s natural repair process and giving it a more youthful appearance. 
  • Next we include Rose Geranium Leaf Extract which helps protect and repair the skin from UV damage as well as providing powerful antioxidant protection.
  • But the key ingredient for mattifying is Red Algae extract. Not only does Red Algae help regulate sebum production but it also supports the skin’s natural oil-moisture ratio for a smooth matte appearance. 
  • We also include Titanium Dioxide which helps to create a more flawless finish.

Over and above the therapeutic benefits of the ingredients we do use, this formula also provides excellent wear for people who have sensitivity or reactions to traditional primers because, of course, we leave out all of the top sensitizers that are in traditional primers.  What’s left is performance the likes of which you’ve never seen.  We think you’re really going to love the way it looks and feels on your skin. 

How To Use Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primer

Our recommendation is to try it under your favorite jane iredale foundation and look at the long-term results. 

Here are some suggested products to combine Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primer with:

As the summer months progress and your skin starts to produce more perspiration and sebum, Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primermay become your favorite new complexion product.  Let us know what you think and we look forward to hearing from you!