Self-Care Tools for Managing, Calming, & Releasing FEAR


Fear is an emotion that is within and around all of us. It may present itself as a temporary or fleeting sensation but can actually take up residence within our minds and bodies, especially if we habituate our response to it. For some people it can be ever-present and even debilitating. In this class, we looked at the causes and origins of fear, the organs that house fear, the parts of the brain that detect and respond to fear, plus the Traditional Chinese and Korean Medicine model, a Taoist approach, and a Buddhist perspective.

What you will learn:
1. Causes and Origins of Fear
2. Kali Mudra
3. Brain Reflexology Areas
4. Amygdala and HPA Axis
5. Bottlecap Pressing Technique
6. Universal Position with Mantrum: “THIS is real”
7. The Lobes Exercise
8. Allowance/Acceptance
9. Taoist Exercise for the Kidneys
10. Referenced the following books: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, Loving What Is by Byron Katie, Demian by Hermann Hesse, and my book Something New Every Day: Letting Your Imagination Takes Flight.

Chantel is not a doctor and does not dispense medical advice. Nor does she diagnose, prognose, or prescribe. The holistic tools taught are not substitutes for medical care. Consult your physician in all matters regarding your health.