Why is my hair so dry?


We all love beautiful, nourished, and fresh-feeling hair, but we don’t always get what we want! Even when we feel like we’re looking after our tresses just fine.

There are plenty of reasons why your hair can start feeling straw-like, but knowing what they are and ways to stop them affecting your ’do can be super-useful.

That’s why Jess, our Workshop Team Member & Wimbledon Salon Stylist, is here to give you all the info on why your hair is dry and how to combat it, so your mane can stay hydrated and feeling fab.

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What causes hair to become dry?

1. Hot and windy weather

With British weather on our side, it’s no surprise that your mane might start to dry out. The most common culprit though, is bright rays.

Sunny, summer days are what we wait for all year, but they often won’t do your tresses any good. Hot weather can strip your locks of natural hydration, making them dry and brittle.

Blustery days aren’t overly helpful either. Aggressive gusts of wind can whip the moisture out of your hair, delivering damage to your ’do and ruining your cuticles.

Dry hair before receiving colour treatments at Rush Salons.Fresh and healthy tresses following treatments by Rush.

2. Overdyeing

Whether you’re going overboard with box dye or you’ve had too many drastic colour changes in a short time, chemicals in the best-quality colour treatments can take their toll if overused. They can all play a part in altering the structure of your hair for the worse.

A responsible hairdresser will always consult with you to discover exactly what you’re looking for, and find out about your hair history, before they start on a new look.

3. Using heated tools too often

We love our straighteners and curlers, but using them too much can take away all the moisture from your hair, making it dry and brittle.

This goes for excessive blowdrying too, which, while it can get you that A-list finish, might lead to damaged, dry, and unhappy hair.

4. A poor diet

Improving your daily menu might help you achieve the shiny, silky, soft locks you always want, but on the flip-side, what you eat and drink could also make your tresses extremely dry.

A diet low in key vitamins and nutrients will affect how well your hair grows and produces natural oils. Drinking little to no water doesn’t do your strands any good either, as it’ll be constantly seeking moisture.

Dry blonde hair before a colour transformation by Rush. Newly treated blonde hair, full of moisture by Rush Salons.

5. Washing your hair too often

People with certain hair types, particularly those with thicker and coilier hair, will find that washing more often leaves it in worse condition. In fact, it could be one of the main reasons why your hair is feeling dry.

By washing your strands more than you need to, you might be stripping your hair of its natural oils, which naturally moisturise your ‘do. Certain shampoos can also be really harsh on your scalp, so take advice from a professional if you aren’t sure your lather is doing its job.

6. Air pollution

Everyone advises us to avoid pollution as much as possible, and that goes for our hair as well. Much like our skin, our pores and follicles can become clogged due to pollution, which weakens the strength of our strands.

Our cuticles are really sensitive, so when air pollution finds its way into them, it all gets absorbed and can cause dryness and damage.

Dark dry hair before receiving hair treatments from Rush. Newly nourished long dark hair after receiving treatments from Rush.

How to prevent dry hair

As you can see, there’re lots of reasons for dry, dull manes. But, all hope isn’t lost, as there are plenty of ways to take away dryness and revive your ‘do with a little TLC.

1. Drink plenty of water

We get told all the time that we need to drink more water to stay healthy, and by doing so, not only are we helping our bodies, but we’re doing a good deed for our hair too. “Always keep your hair hydrated by drinking a good amount of water each day. This’ll ensure your scalp stays healthy and hydrated”, explained Jess.

Long mermaid hair before being rehydrated by Rush. Freshly moistured mermaid hair following treatments from Rush.

2. Apply heat protection

It’s best to avoid heated tools as much as you can, to stop dry hair taking hold. However, when you do want to curl your hair with your straighteners, make sure you thoroughly protect your hair first. Spraying in heat protection will let you style your ‘do and discourage it from drying out.

3. Find the right conditioner

Each time you wash your mane, you need to make sure you use an effective conditioner. If your hair does feel dry, seek out moisturing conditioners because they give your tresses the hydration they need. However, remember to keep it to the mid-to-length sections of your hair, to avoid greasiness.

4. Give your mane a deep cleanse

P: Just like our pores benefit from deep cleansers, your strands will repay you so much for receiving an exfoliating scrub. “Having a great hydration masque at home each week, and during your regular trips to the salon, will make a massive difference” explained Jess.

“It’s a great idea to ask for a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment, because it can penetrate into the hair shaft, or to ask for a nice scalp scrub for a deep cleanse.”

5. Careful and gentle brushing

We all brush our locks to keep them tidy and avoid painful tangling. But sometimes, we can do more harm than good when brushing our strands, making them dry. “When it comes to brushing, I like to start from the mid-lengths and ends-first. Then, I gently brush downwards, making sure not to pull and work my way up to the roots.” said Jess.

6. Try a Nano Smoothing Treatment

If you’re still struggling to get your hair looking its best and it’s still feeling dry, a Nano Smoothing Treatment could hold the answer.

This three-step process goes deep removing frizz, protecting against dreaded UV rays, and rehydrating your ‘do, leaving your strands looking fabulous.

Having a better idea of what causes dry hair can really support you in preventing it. Struggling with a botched dye job? Learn how colour correction treatment can rid your mane of unsightly, mismatched hues and return your crowning glory.